Who I Am

I grew up traveling to a new state/country every 1-2 years with my wonderful parents and two adventurous sisters. Traveling and meeting new people is ingrained in my identity. We finally settled in Texas in 2000 where I went on a mission trip for the first time in 7th grade to Reynosa, Mexico. That was the summer God called me to be a missionary. Since then, He has confirmed repeatedly that He is calling me to a Spanish-speaking country. I simply NEVER thought it would be in Europe! I attended Texas A&M University in College Station and studied International Commerce with a focus in Spanish. My degree required me to study abroad for a semester, and because I “knew” I would be living the rest of my life in Latin America, I decided to study in Barcelona to get the chance to see Europe in my adult life (we lived in Germany when I was young– but the most memorable moment was going to Paris Disneyland).

But God definitely had other plans. It’s funny, you know, when you think you have it all mapped out.

After graduating, I received the most amazing chance to work at in the Global Ministries Dept at Gateway BybTF_pCMAA2zqpChurch. The past 2 years have been incredible– and I have LOVED working for the Local Outreach Ministry at Gateway. I couldn’t have asked for a better boss or co-workers. I’ve soaked in more wisdom and experience in these few years than I could have ever imagined. I truly feel so unworthy of the opportunity that God has given me at one of the most influential churches in the world.

And God continued to remind me of the calling He placed on my life when I was just 13 years old. Now, after much prayer and consideration, I know that He is leading back to Barcelona. I am so thrilled for this opportunity, and to this day, I still almost don’t believe that He could possibly be THIS faithful and THIS patient with me. He is absolutely marvelous. I am so eager to walk alongside Him as He takes me into this new season of my life.


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