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REAL Opener

It was a delight and honor writing the opener for our REAL women’s conference! Over 180 women came out and heard a life-giving message from Dr. Alicia Britt Chole. Many who came were invited by friends, and don’t know Jesus. 17 LADIES gave their lives to Christ at the end of the conference!

Thank you for praying and interceding for these ladies!



Legacy– a prominent theme during these past few weeks. My wonderful, God-fearing Papa passed away a week ago, and the Memorial Service was evidence of the legacy he left. He made an intentional decision when he returned from the Vietnam War to pursue God, study the Word, and be an example to his children. His decision has, and will continue to affect, generations to come.

I’m currently sitting in the Frankfurt Airport weighing the fact that 34 years ago, my mother was arriving in this very airport to begin her missionary term in Germany. What a legacy SHE has left on my life. If it weren’t for her character and obedience so many years ago, I wouldn’t have the confidence and faith to pursue what God has called me to do in Barcelona.

We truly do not understand the full affects we have on this world. Our perception is often skewed by lies from the Enemy and lack of awareness. I recently spoke with a friend about what it will be like in heaven. Will we see the full affect of every action we have taken and work spoken? Will an intricate timeline unfold before us to reveal every person we helped draw closer to Christ’s presence? Proverbs 18: 21 says that “death and life are in the power of the tongue”. If we truly consider the weight of this verse, we would be very careful with our words and actions. We are either choosing to bring life to those around us, or choosing to bring death. I pray God reveals to us a greater revelation of the affects of our interactions with those around us.

Mögen wir immer mit Vorsicht zu sprechen. Auf Wiedersehen.

Frankfurt plane

20/20 Vision

In order to be fully funded in Spain, I only need to find:

  • 20 more monthly supporters at $10
  • 20 more monthly supporters at $25

That’s exactly why I am starting the 20/20 Vision campaign, which is an effort to find my final 30 partners during my last 20 days in America. Would you consider becoming one of these partners? I would appreciate your help in this effort to share the Gospel to Spain!

To partner with me, go to s1.ag.org/audrey (then select Setup Recurring Gift to initiate monthly support, or Give Now to make a single contribution).



When I first accepted to be a missionary for 2 years in Barcelona, God laid on my heart an idea for an event. Community is essential for walking in a relationship with Jesus– we are the Body of Christ. So what if I brought my friends and family together via art, music, and coffee, and speak to them about what God is doing in Spain? This would be a chance to not only rally their support, but allow God to speak to them as well through conversations and worship. Thus, came “Comunidad”.

Here are a few thoughts from la Biblia about Christ’s community. Community is a group that:

Most Spaniards have no idea what true, Christ-centered community looks like. Less than 1% of Spaniards are even evangelical Christians! At the International Church of Barcelona, we place extreme value on community in order to grow together as well as draw unbelievers in. If we begin to LOOK like the Body of Christ as God intended, we will draw unbelievers in. Jesus said, “By this ALL will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:35



258 x
286xKailyn Taylor’s painting, purchased by Ivy Byram:
10390032_10207217741186654_2199759352368129745_n - CopyAnne Ashton’s painting, purchased by Ulrike Essex:
11018093_10153367314380758_3450281653629810788_nI would like to honor the Missions Place for hosting this event at their amazing venue. Missions Place is about you — connecting you to what God is doing across the globe.

Special thanks to Emily Vescovi, Chad Harrison, Vivian Wells, Eric Rodriguez, Patrick Boyter, Kailyn Taylor, and Anne Ashton for performing or painting during the event.

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