Madrid- Seeing Saturn munch on his child

Madrid is just lovely. Everyone here dresses nicely, the weather is absolutely perfect, and every building looks historic and detailed. I haven’t seen anything tacky, even the McDonalds is fine dining compared to the US.

Today we went on an hour and a half walking tour of Madrid, then went to Museo del Prado. Hence, the title of this blog.

This was Plaza Real:

Plaza Real

“Calle de la pasa”– si no pasa, no se casa!

Basically this is the Century Tree of Spain. If you don’t walk down this street, you won’t get married. Needless to say, I ran up the parallel street to meet the group at the other end.

"Calle De La Pasa"We then went to a little cafe/panaderia to buy some empanadas. Yum.
Panaderia in MadridWell, I’m about to take a siesta, then later tonight I’ll probably go out with some new friends and get “tapas”.


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