Eiffel my life with fun

I HATE the feeling of not being able to communicate. Or pulling the “American card”. Which I have done these past 3 days… I’m trying my best to pick up phrases, but I’m so visual that everything Amber teaches me goes in one ear and out the other. Oh well.

So I left Barcelona early Friday morning. Completely devastated, no doubt. The taxi picked me up at 5am, and I had no phone (aka no alarm) at the time, so I had to stay up all night (which wasn’t a big deal since I hung out with my friends till 3am, crying about leaving). God truly saved me from missing my flight, though, at the airport. I sat down, had 30 minutes till I boarded, suddenly woke up in a panic half and hour later. I ran to the line in a COMPLETE daze, basically half-asleep, which meant OF COURSE that the Spanish dude in front of me had to start flirting/talking to me. I try my best to respond without looking like a moron, which was inevitable since I was a zombie, though. Once I got on the plane I just passed out for the next 2 hours.

After landing and getting my luggage, and then riding on a bus for and hour to get to Amber, we finally meet up!! Epic reunion. The rest of the day, I am toast. Like, dysfunctional from the amount of sleep I got. I guess I changed my A&M email password, and now need to go to the main office when I return to get it changed again (since I have absolutely NO CLUE what it is…)

Saturday: After eventually getting a full night’s rest, Shelby, Kate and I went to the catacombs. For those of you who don’t know, there are about 6 million people buried under Paris in these tunnels. It was sufficiently creepy for a normal person, but for some reason (perhaps because I’m emotionally cut-off), I was totally fine with it. I felt like I was in a haunted house… “kids these days. So desensitized by movies and television…”

Afterwards we met Amber up (HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY) at the Eiffel Tower, with the full intention of having a wine/cracker and cheese picnic under it, but it had rained so we moved it to our lame apartment. Stupid weather.

Today we went to Versailles. BEAUTIFUL. If you know me, (which you do, because you’re only reading this if you’re close to me), I LOVE significant historical monuments. Versailles was amazing because it made me feel like I was THERE. Like somehow, Louis the 16th had literally just walked through his bedroom/hall of mirrors right before I did. And the artwork and architecture was gorgeous. The gardens were my favorite part though. I could definitely walk through those every day and never get bored. It’s just so prestigious and grand.

Well tomorrow (Monday), we’re going to the Louvre and the Christmas markets. Stoked.


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