Inexplicable Knowledge

“Despite the obstacles, I felt a surprising level of comfort living in Uganda most of the time. I felt I was born to be there, and in many ways, living there seemed more natural than living in my native country. I had the unexplainable feeling, a settled knowing, that I was where I was made to be. I knew deep in my soul that I was home.” -Katie Davis

I have never found a quote that sums up my burden for the Spanish people more than this one. Really, for 12 years, I have had this inexplicable, down-to-my-core knowledge that I was not meant to live in in the U.S. Every time I returned to any Spanish-speaking country, I felt more at home there than in my own country.

God didn’t just “tell me” that he was calling me to be a missionary when I was 13 years old. It wasn’t a conversational exchange of facts about my future life. He reached deep down into the core of who I was, removed my own ambitions and dreams, and completely replaced them for His. It was like His passion for the Hispanic people became interwoven in my DNA. It’s not what I am to do– it’s who I am.

That’s what makes this all so exciting. Most people think of being a “missionary” as tiring and sacrificial. Of course, this time will have its difficulties, and I will be stretched more than I ever have been. But the passions HE has given me are so much more substantial and breath-taking then any barrier that may weigh me down.



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