Legacy– a prominent theme during these past few weeks. My wonderful, God-fearing Papa passed away a week ago, and the Memorial Service was evidence of the legacy he left. He made an intentional decision when he returned from the Vietnam War to pursue God, study the Word, and be an example to his children. His decision has, and will continue to affect, generations to come.

I’m currently sitting in the Frankfurt Airport weighing the fact that 34 years ago, my mother was arriving in this very airport to begin her missionary term in Germany. What a legacy SHE has left on my life. If it weren’t for her character and obedience so many years ago, I wouldn’t have the confidence and faith to pursue what God has called me to do in Barcelona.

We truly do not understand the full affects we have on this world. Our perception is often skewed by lies from the Enemy and lack of awareness. I recently spoke with a friend about what it will be like in heaven. Will we see the full affect of every action we have taken and work spoken? Will an intricate timeline unfold before us to reveal every person we helped draw closer to Christ’s presence? Proverbs 18: 21 says that “death and life are in the power of the tongue”. If we truly consider the weight of this verse, we would be very careful with our words and actions. We are either choosing to bring life to those around us, or choosing to bring death. I pray God reveals to us a greater revelation of the affects of our interactions with those around us.

Mögen wir immer mit Vorsicht zu sprechen. Auf Wiedersehen.

Frankfurt plane


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