Novios y Iglesia

Boyfriend count: 2
One Argentinean gelato shop owner, and one Spanish waiter. I’ve received free ice cream and a kiss on the cheek. Well played.

Saturday I went to La Sagrada Familia, which is a huge cathedral the Gaudi designed, and is still in construction.

And then I went to the birthday party of my host mom’s sister. She has ELEVEN brothers and sisters. It was a really neat experience. We ate tapas in a park.

Yesterday I visited the International Church of Barcelona, which was really encouraging. Especially since the assistant pastor mentioned the Aggie win… I’m going to start going to this 20s/30s group on Thursday nights. After church, I went out with my two new friends to go see the Catalan festivities downtown. When we got there, we realized we missed it, but we did get the see a market thing with old trinkets…

 And while sitting in front of the Barcelona Cathedral, we asked these Australians to take a picture of us.
We ended up walking around with these guys for a while. They are in Barcelona for a training session with Apple.

Day ended well with wine and cheese and crackers at La Fuenta Magica. Pictures to come.


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