Three events that solidified my trip to Munich this weekend:

1.) I got yelled at in German by an angry police officer for walking in a prohibited part of the beer-tent. (“AUS!”)
2.) Getting free Swiss chocolate on the plane.
3.) And, this was where I slept:

Oktoberfest is brilliant. I think it’s the closest I’ve experienced to culture becoming tangible. All around me were the Beer tents, games, rides, scent of roasting nuts and sausages, German music, and people wearing dirndl and lederhosen. I couldn’t have been any more immersed in the Bavarian culture unless I actually knew German. I went on the ferris wheel, which had a spectacular view.

The beginning of Saturday, we went to downtown Munich to Marienplatz. Unfortunately, even though we got there at 10am, the Glockenspiel didn’t work. Maybe it was being renovated :/
 I accidentally went to the airport an hour early, so I sat in the outside area between the two terminals and ate a traditional German lunch:

…afterwards reminiscing about the weekend in my journal while drinking Spezi.

Perfect weekend, Now excited to see my parents in a few days!


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