Aquariums are a rush

I always feel like I’m 6 when I see the colorful fish, glowing jellyfish, and massive sharks swimming around. It’s intimidating, that only a transparent wall separates you from your most certain doom.

Well this past weekend ISA took us to Valencia, Spain. It is a gorgeous city. What I find most fascinating is that there used to be a river running right through the city, but because a flood killed many people years ago, they diverted the river. And now, the riverbed has been converted into this long winding park that cuts through the middle of the city. So neat!

So Valencia has the Mediterranean feel, it’s right on the beach, and there is the LOVELY ‘old city’ with a cathedral that was once a building where the Romans met, turned into a Visigoth church, turned into a mosque, until it finally rested as a cathedral once again. Glimpse of the outside and inside:

Cathedral of Valencia

Valencia is a beautiful city that feels very quaint. Whenever you’re walking through these small, winding streets, it’s exciting to imagine how people have been walking down that same street for hundreds of years. In the main plaza, we saw this other breathtaking building. I’m not sure what it was for, though.

As you must know if you’re close enough to me to be suffering through these ranting blogs, I really don’t like seafood. I can stand tuna, which doesn’t even count. But there’s this very famous dish here in Spain called “paella”, which is a plate of rice with spices and loads of different seafood. It can be as basic as only shrimp, to what I tried which had shrimp, crawfish, mussels, clams, and octopus. And shockingly, I loved it! I’m so proud of myself for actually eating it:

 And finally, on Saturday night, we went to a local bar to watch a flamenco show, and it was brilliant. The music is intense; I’ve never been so enthralled with dancing before.

My camera died Friday night…
Saturday we went to the 2nd largest aquarium in the world, saw a dolphin show, and eventually went to the beach for a few hours before heading home.

I stole this pic from a friend… and really I’m just putting it here because I think I’m cool. It’s not like any of you haven’t seen a shark before.
Amber Lea Mercier is coming to visit this weekend. Get ready, Barcelona.


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