These are a few of my faavorite things:

1.) Amber
2.) Barcelona
3.) Cheese and wine on the Mediterranean beach at night

So far, this weekend has been epic. And we still have tomorrow.

Amber came in Friday around 4, and once she got settled in, we went to the gothic district to see the “cuidad antigua” (or old city). Before going to a flamenco show, we stopped off in a typical European cafe to sip on cafe con leche and eat pastries:

Catedral de Barcelona
Cafe con leche y dulce

The flamenco was stunning. We were enthralled the entire time, only to be distracted by the feet dangling from the second level:

Flamenco Dancer

This morning, we went to two different parks. The first, which is known as the “Laberint d’Horta” (Labyrinth). It was a good one, because we got lost… for at least 10 minutes. I mean look, it was pretty insane:

Labyrinth in Barcelona

The screaming children we heard beating us out didn’t exactly boost our self-confidence either… but pushing them in the mud did… 😉

The 2nd park we went to was the most infamous “Parque Guell”:

Parque Guell

AND, of course, La Sagrada Familia, where we ate our lunch in a park next to it:

La Sagrada Familia

After gaining our strength again, we finished off a lovely afternoon at Montjuic, by seeing “the Palace” and the Olympic stadium!

1992 Olympic Monument 

And finally, to finish off the night, Amber and I spent 2 hours on the beach, drinking wine, eating cheese and crackers and chocolate, and reminiscing on the depth of our friendship. Haters gonna hate.

Mediterranean Sea

Excited for a whole day tomorrow at Montserrat!!


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