I’m not crying, it has just been raining… on my face

This morning, Amber went back to that blasted city. The only thing that consoled me was knowing that we’d be in Ireland together in 5 weeks.

At least we went out with a bang. We went to Montserrat, which is a mountainous region that is known for its smooth rock formations. We saw a cross jutting out from one of the formations in the distance, seen here:

Impossible cross

We set off to find this cross… a lady told us it was a 15 minute walk up the path. An hour later, we find ourselves here:

We found this offbeat trail, and ended up sitting and eating lunch on one of the jutting rock formations. It was a breathtaking scene.
After we made the hike back down, we realized which path we should have taken to get the the cross, then I had a quick temper tantrum before we consoled each other that the above destination was much more exciting than the cross. Then we checked out the monastery:


And I climbed this. I was hoping to get to the top, but these British kids kinda freaked me out. Like, 30 of them came running towards us yelling “OOH my gaaawd!! What is she doooing?”. We overheard one kid say to his friend “I’d do that for a flying bat!”
Finally, we took a couple pictures for a model portfolios…
 And this is just a sneak peek… get excited.

Last night we went out and ate typical tapas, then spent a couples hours on a park bench soaking in as much time as we could before our inevitable parting.

Tapas y Sangria

But you know what? 5 weeks, we’ll be in Limerick, Ireland. 6 weeks, Venice. And 8, PARIS for Christmas 🙂 It is a good year.

Tomorrow I leave for Morocco for 6 days. I will have a massive update when I return.


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