Star Wars in Spain

Since Morocco took up so much of our time in that last blog, I didn’t get to give my synopsis on Sevilla. After Morocco, Brittany and I spent a day there before heading back to Barna (nickname the locals have for Barcelona).  Sevilla is a charming city in the south of Spain that is full of gorgeous buildings. It has a “small town feel” to it (at least compared to Barna). Honestly, it’s almost like a fairytale, with elegant architecture and various horse driven carriages all throughout the city. This was part of the cathedral:

Cathedral in Sevilla

The most magnificent part of the city is Plaza Espana.

Plaza España
Plaza España

It is a plaza that is in the shape of a semi-circle with a fountain in the center and a “moat”ish river that runs on the inside of it. All along the walls are colorful murals of the different cities in Spain. Cool fact: The Attach of the Clones Star Wars movie has a scene in this plaza, except they digitally enhanced the plaza as a full circle.

Plaza España

Sevilla has a river running through the middle of it, which is pretty cool:
And this was our Hostel. It was really cute on the inside. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who goes to Sevilla.


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