Gooollly, Dali! You’re a strange one.

Just 3 short days after coming back from Morocco/Sevilla, ISA took a few of us on a trip to Girona and Figueres!

We had a photo contest in Girona, which has a pretty extensive “old city”, but unfortunately it was raining so we didn’t get to find all of the hotspots. We were supposed to be as creative as we could. This is what we came up with:

The stone witch on the cathedral
The Arab Baths
Kissing the Lion of Girona’s butt (it’s tradition)
River of Girona with colorful buildings

I know you’re probably getting sick of seeing cathedral pics at this point, but this one was actually pretty cool since there were a massive amount of steps that lead up to it. We were already half way, so this doesn’t really show it well:
Other creative pictures (or so I thought…)

We took as many pics as we thought possible, then went to a quaint coffee shop overlooking the river and enjoyed expresso, quiche, and some divine “hot chocolate” that was basically just melted chocolate.

 Afterwards, we went to Figueres where the Dali museum resides. It was definitely a nice change from all of the classical art I had been seeing. Dali’s modern art ranged from paintings of 18th century women holding their elastic noses to strange sculptures of deformed beings. My favorite though was probably the blonde muse. He made a face large objects, and you can only get the full view by climbing up some stairs:
 I just found it so interesting, because you couldn’t really capture the whole face without the right perspective. Some may not even understand that it was art from the side view:
Loved that day. Friday, I leave for Prague.


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