Praga, República Checa

As I’m in my room, packing for London tomorrow, I’m thinking about 3 things.

1. What is the relentless bell ringing in the corridor below?
2. Of course, I would leave my shampoo and towel in Prague. Why wouldn’t I have.
3. I wonder if I could pull off a British accent this weekend.

By the way, I know you all have been dying to hear about that photo contest in Girona… and well… we won!! Neda, Julia, and I get to pick a local show (under 10 euros) to go to! Points for creativity.

So Prague. Prague. I mean, PRAGUE. I cannot explain how much I adored Prague. I still have London, Ireland, Venice, Florence, Rome, and Paris to get to, and I am absolutely convinced that they won’t match up to Prague. The city is simply enchanting. It is ridden with stunning architecture that dates back to 1100 AD. If given the opportunity, I would jump at going back.

On Friday, Whitney and I went to Old Towns Square, which was by far my favorite area.

Astrological Clock
Týn Church in Old Town Square

It happened to be St. Martin’s Day as well, so Old Town Square was filled with a market. We ate delicious crepes and drank traditional Czech honey wine. It could not have been a more perfect atmosphere.
For lunch we crossed the Charles Bridge seen here:

Charles Bridge

And ate goulash and potato pancakes at a cozy little restaurant. We attempted to go out with Whitney’s friends that night, but both were feeling a little sick, so we decided to stay in.

The next morning, we went to the Jewish quarters, only to realize that many areas, such as the Jewish cemetery, were closed down because of the Sabbath. We still got to see some extremely old synagogues, and I ended up buying a painting of Old Town Square…. which inevitably is where we found ourselves once again, soaking in the charm of the market. We ate a traditional St. Martin’s meal, which is a pancake potato with beets and goose! And then sipped on Gluehwein while strolling the plaza.

Old Town Square
St. Martin's meal

After lunch, we headed across Charles Bridge again to go visit Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral, which is in the castle.

St. Vitus Cathedral
St. Vitus Cathedral
Overlooking Prague from Prague Castle

For dinner, we went to a beer brewery where you can eat and drink freshly brewed beer. We split beer cheese and bread and Wiener Schnitzel, and ended up sharing our table with some Brits. It was pretty neat getting to talk to them.
Whitney and I headed to see Charles Bridge at night, since supposedly it looks beautiful when it’s lit up.

Charles Bridge with Prague Castle

Here are some other lovely shots of Prague:



















Again, I absolutely adored Prague. I truly hope that I can make it back some day.


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